1. Design
Good design is the crucial beginning of product creation, pay attention to details, and prevent quality problems from the root. Good product structure makes the product more reliable.
2. Quality assurance
We strictly select high-quality suppliers to ensure the high quality and reliability of materials, and we strive to improve the production process and continuously optimize the production process.
3. Excellent service
Meeting the needs of customers is the mission of our service. We are waiting for your inquiry at any time, reply and provide the samples you need in the shortest time.

4. Our vision
We focus on the design and production of rotary switches, continue to optimize and patent innovation, strive for excellence, and hope to be your best supplier and partner.
TD Series
A full range of upgrade designs to improve the service life and reliability of the product
Electrical Rating: 16A 240V、20A 120V AC

Maximum working temperature: T150

Electrical life: 30,000 Cycles

Certification: CQC CB VDE

TA Series
Innovative optimization of patented design to improve product function and service life
Electrical Rating: 16A 240V、20A 120V AC

Maximum working temperature: T120

Electrical life: 30,000 Cycles

Certification: CQC CE UL

TG Series
Special switch for refrigeration equipment
and automobile air conditioner
Electrical Rating: 18A 240V、20A 120V AC

Electrical life: 30,000 Cycles

Certification: UL

Margo Electric Co., Ltd 【CHINA】
We are specialized in design, development and of manufacture rotary switch. Leading design, engineering expertise, strong quality management and optimum costs of manufacturing will make competitive advantage in the industry and surpass the expectation of our customers. Innovation, design, quality and efficiency are the value Margo relies on to satisfy customers. We offer standard and customized products of rotary switch for worldwide markets.

Thanks for your attention !

Margo Electric Co., Ltd 【CHINA】

Email: info@margo-mk.com

QQ: 1666732901

TEL: 020-2388 9833

Mobile:180 2239 4028 (same id on wechat)

Address:NO.210, Building A4, NO.63 Pu Nan Road, Huangpu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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